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Man injured in accident on Route 376 pinned between truck and guardrail

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A man was injured yesterday in an accident on Route 376 (formerly Route 60) in center Township.   According to reports, the man’s truck broke down on the highway and pulled his truck to the side of the road.  He then exited his truck and was attempting to retrieve a cell phone  from the passenger side of his truck. 

His truck was then struck by another truck, pinning him between his truck and a guard rail.  He was taken by ambulance to the Medical Center for treatment.  The other driver allegedly fell asleep ant the wheel, causing this collision.

The driver who fell asleep at the wheel will bear the responsibility for the injuries and property damage caused in this crash because he was clearly at fault for this accident.

This incident does point out the dangers faced my motorists when they pull to the side of the road.  Because there is usually little room between the lanes of travel and the berm of the road, there is always a risk of a collision between a passing car and the stopped car. 

There is also a significant risk of serious injury when two or more cars stop on the side of the road.  Often the occupants of the stopped vehicles will congregate between the vehicles.  When people do this they create a significant risk for themselves that they can get crushed between two cars.  Should a passing car or truck hit the car in the back of the line of the stopped vehicles, the first stopped car will be propelled into the next stopped car. Any person caught in between the two vehicles is at risk for significant injury or death.  Center Township area car accident attorney.

More information on this accident can be found at the Beaver County Times.

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Written by matveylaw

February 9, 2010 at 2:25 pm

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